Delivering cost effective corporate signage solutions to our clients is central to every project we undertake. From a one-off sign to a national roll-out program, our management processes ensure on time project delivery regardless of the scope of work.

The delivery of a cost effective signage solution to our clients is central to every project we undertake. Regardless of whether you require a one-off sign for your small business or a national corporate roll-out program, our management processes ensure a project delivered on time regardless of the scope of work.

Pylon signage

There’s no doubt that pylon signs attract attention while significantly raising awareness and improving visibility of a business or service. We can design, manufacture and install customised pylon signs to your specifications and offer you a choice of fabrication materials to ensure that your pylon signage program is cost-effective while still having the desired outstanding effect.

Illuminated signage

If you want your brand or message visible day and night, illuminated signage is the solution for your business. We manufacture and install every type of illuminated sign in every feasible location – from simple illuminated directional signage through to the most complex and customised moulded light boxes mounted on city skyscrapers. We have also provided Toyota and Lexus illuminated signage throughout the Middle East following unrest in the region. Additionally, we have provided signage to Asia-Pacific islands including Guam, Tahiti and New Zealand.

LED and neon signage

We are also specialists in the development and creation of LED (light emitting diode) and neon signage and can custom build LED light boxes and neon of almost any shape, size and colour.LED illuminated signage is extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LED lights create less heat and therefore less carbon emissions so what this means for your business is lower power costs and less effect on the environment. Our computerised routing system enables us to create highly detailed and intricate illuminated channel letters, logos and specific corporate design styles. Fabricated metal or formed plastic letters can be constructed in a variety of colours and finishes.Neon is a very versatile signage option and we can customise the fabrication of your neon sign with an ‘open’ effect, 3D effect or a ‘border tubing’ effect. With neon, anything’s possible, and all of our neon signage is manufactured at our premises.

Sky signs

Any size, any shape, any location. Next time you’re driving past an Australian city skyline or shopping centre complex, there’s a very good chance the sky signs you see have been created and installed by Project Neon. We’ve also produced sky signs for the Planet Hollywood franchise throughout Asia.

Architectural signage

This type of signage is a broad description for any number of outstanding 3D signage possibilities. If you want cost effective and high impact signage, we can offer you a number of options including the hand fabrication of acrylic letters or the creation of vacuum forming mouldings. Our architectural signage can be internally illuminated by neon tube, and we can add vinyl coatings or digitally printed images to your architectural signs. Again, we produce all of our architectural signage at our premises.

Vacuum forming for 3D signage

Project Neon is Australia’s premium producer of vacuum formed 3D signage. With beds as large as 4.5 metres x 2.8 metres, we are able to vacuum form even the largest 3D signage in-house. We are extremely proficient in moulding Polycarbonate, DR High Impact Acrylic, PETG, ABS, HDPE and mouldable PVC