In 2002, we were commissioned by Woodside to develop and install their sky signage at their newly completed St George’s Terrace Perth headquarters. Following the success of this initial project, we were again commissioned to develop and implement their new signage requirements (including adhering to stringent environmental standards) for their new corporate image.

These environmental standards included the following parameters:

  • the sky signage had to be state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency
  • all materials used need to be recyclable
  • all materials used needed to be of the highest durability
  • the two new sky signs needed to be clearly visible from a distance of 3km away
  • regardless of the distance or angle of viewing, the corporate image could not alter in either ratio or format


In order to the meet with the above criteria, we created a significant number of computer generated models. Once we had created the correct model, we manufactured a number of full-size letters and fitted them over the edge of the actual Woodside building. By going through this exercise and by making adjustments in-situ, we were able to ascertain the amount of perimeter light required to meet with the 3km clear visibility criteria. In concert with this process, we designed the extremely complicated Woodside brand (which incidentally stands more than 6.5 metres high and 7.5 metres wide). The other requirement was that both sky signs be able to be completely dismantled at our premises to enable transport to the roof of the Woodside building for reassembly on the face of the building. The specified colours of the Woodside logo are ink colours and subsequently no vinyl existed for two of the specified colours. To overcome this obstacle, we created multiple layers of vinyl. This solution not only achieved the final output colour, but also matched the light output of the LEDs while avoiding clouding and ‘hot spotting’ when illuminated.

Once our team was satisfied that we had the image correct, we commenced full production. Four weeks later, for the purposes of client approval, we had one of the signs fully operational at our premises. Following client approval, we then dismantled the sign in preparation for removal of the old sky signs and installation of the two new sky signs – all timed for the exact launch date for the new Woodside corporate image.

In preparation for the installation 29 storeys above the ground, we ensured each member of our installation team met with the stringent OH&S requirements. Since is was not possible to use a crane to lift the new sign components to the building’s roof, we secured the services of specialist riggers and scaffolders to lift the old signage from the face of the building and up to the roof level. At all times, Work Safe and State Government guidelines were adhered to.

Once the completion date was announced, we immediately mobilised our installers to ensure we installed the new signage within the four-week window we were allowed. Thanks to some great Perth weather and our finely tuned methodology, we completed the install without any OH&S incidents.


To say our client was delighted is an understatement. The Woodside sky signs are now a landmark of the Perth CBD. What’s more, the new signs use 70% less energy than the original signs. The original signs were completely recycled, as per our client’s brief.