To create a new corporate image based on these specific guidelines: Moulded graphics with red LED illumination to front white halo. Background to be framed with ACM and to be provided in components for ease of transportation and cost effective on-site assembly.


Following group discussions with our client representatives, we produced drawings to illustrate the best sizes for the backing frames, panels and letter heights.

We then manufactured test moulds to establish the best possible illumination options, as well as mould depths to enable us to ascertain thinning and/or shrinkage of the materials. At this point we also developed a unique retaining system to ensure screws were not visible from the side or beneath the signs. We then trialled new plastics and colours to ensure brand consistency was maintained across all signage elements including fascia, letters, logo, underline and pylon. Based on the outcomes of this extensive testing and prior to final manufacture and roll-out, we produced prototypes to prove that all signage elements would look and perform in exactly the same manner.


Today, we produce fifty percent of all graphics and a major share of all Toyota signage in Australia and New Zealand.