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Ours is a great Australian business story that goes back to 1967 when we first opened our doors as a small Perth suburban sign company. It’s a story of accepting change, of ongoing growth, of long-term relationships, of embracing new thinking and, most importantly, it’s a story of success for the multitude of clients we have assisted over the years.The Project Neon of today bears little resemblance to our humble beginnings. Decades of innovation have seen us become the nation’s most reputable and industrious signage company. Tomorrow, we will continue to evolve our business as we advance our technology, refine our manufacturing techniques and solve logistical issues. It’s why we are and will continue to be Australia’s leading corporate signage company.

Australian Signage Group (ASG)
ASG has been formed as a strategic alliance between Project Neon, Premier Signage Industries and Evocom Australia. The establishment of this alliance creates a single hub for the implementation of Australia-wide signage programs.

Key alliance services include:

  • project management
  • site surveys
  • local authority approvals
  • design
  • engineering
  • manufacturing
  • transportation and warehousing
  • nation-wide installation
  • servicing and maintenance
  • signage asset management